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How To See Corolla Wild Horses For Free

    Corolla, North Carolina’s untamed horses, is one of the most well-known attractions on the Outer Banks. Descended from the original colonial Spanish Mustangs, these magnificent animals have captivated us for decades on the northern OBX beaches.

    If you have never witnessed these magnificent creatures, you are missing out!

    You may have climbed to the summit of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and attempted to surf during a lesson. You may have had an afternoon studying about the two brothers from Dayton, Ohio, who traveled to the Outer Banks at the turn of the twentieth century and revolutionized the world with their flying machines.

    You may have participated in these incredible Outer Banks activities, but have you ever witnessed a Corolla wild horse pace along the beach? It’s something everyone should experience at least once!

    About the Wild Horses

    The Corolla wild horses are the earliest and most well-known residents of the Outer Banks. Today, they roam freely, grazing on coastal grasses and trekking through dunes. It makes them a stunning spectacle and one of the most distinctive activities in the Outer Banks.

    Where to Find the Wild Horses

    On the Corolla and Carova beaches in northern Currituck County are the OBX’s feral horses. These beaches are only accessible with four-wheel drive vehicles, as driving on the shore is required.

    It makes locating the Outer Banks’ untamed horses in North Carolina an exciting adventure for all tourists. However, you may need to prepare in advance if you are not driving or renting a 4WD vehicle.

    How the Wild Horses Got to Corolla?

    The Corolla Beach wild horses in the Outer Banks of North Carolina descend from the Spanish mustangs that arrived in North America in the 16th century. They believe it originated from early Spanish and English expeditions to the region.

    There is some uncertainty about how they arrived here, whether by shipwreck or landing, but they have survived and flourished for centuries.

    3 Popular Ways to See the Wild Horses

    On the eastern shores of the Outer Banks, the renowned wild horses of North Carolina are simple to observe as they roam freely. It provides you with numerous options for visiting them. There are both self-guided and guided tours of untamed horses available.

    Self-Drive to See the Corolla Wild Horses for Free

    As the horses roam freely among the dunes of Corolla and Carova, you can visit them on your own. You need only a four-wheel-drive vehicle, as you will be driving on the sand beaches in pursuit of these magnificent creatures.

    To reach the Corolla wild horses, travel north along the Outer Banks until the road terminates in the sand. Here, you enter the territory of the Corolla wild horses. On the sand roads, you can travel down the beach and even into “town” in pursuit of the horses. Occasionally they are simple to find, and occasionally they are not, but you are free to search to your heart’s content!

    Take a Guided Corolla Wild Horse Tour

    Plan an Outer Banks wild horse tour if you don’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle or would rather unwind and rely on the local guides’ knowledge! These two-hour excursions use open-air 4WD vehicles to traverse dunes and the ocean in search of Outer Banks wild horses.

    The benefits of an OBX untamed horse tour extend far beyond mere relaxation. You will accompany by knowledgeable guides who know where the horses prefer to roam and congregate, increasing your likelihood of seeing them. In addition to learning about the history and ecology of the island, you will have private access to the Wild Horse Conservation Area while off-roading around Corolla.

    Rent a 4WD Vehicle to Visit the Wild OBX Horses.

    If you don’t have a 4WD vehicle and want to avoid taking a guided tour (or the excursions are sold out! ), you can rent a car and do it yourself!

    True, locations in the Outer Banks rent four-wheel drive vehicles for this purpose. They can be pretty expensive, but if you’re traveling in a group, they may be more economical than a wild horse excursion!

    Choose from various jeeps, pickups, SUVs, and other off-road vehicles. Ensure that your rental agreement permits you to bring them to the shore.

    Beach 44, Outer Banks Jeep Rentals, and Island Jeep and Car Rentals, all located in Kill Devil Hills, are three of the most prominent 4WD rental businesses in the Outer Banks.

    Tips for Visiting the Wild Horses

    Here are some essential facts and suggestions to ensure your safety and the safety of the Corolla horses during your visit.

    Drive Carefully on the Outer Banks 4WD Beach.

    • Taking a car onto the 4WD beaches in the Outer Banks necessitates a few precautions not typically found on the road. Here is what you should know:
    • Make sure your vehicle has four-wheel drive. Otherwise, you will indeed become mired in the sand! Your 4WD vehicle’s ground clearance should be greater than 7.50 inches.
    • Deflate your tires to facilitate driving on sand. 18-20 PSI is recommended. Similarly, when you return to the pavement, you should inflate your tires. Historic Corolla Village includes a free-air filling station. Just adhere to the signs.
    • Fill your petrol tank before departure. There is absolutely no service station out there!
    • Drive carefully and watch for horses, humans, and animals enjoying the beach. They are free to traverse the shoreline at any time.
    • The speed limit in this location is 35 miles per hour unless otherwise posted. Within 300 feet of pedestrians or feral horses, the speed limit is 15 mph.
    • While driving onto the shore is free, parking on Corolla’s 4WD beaches between 30 April and 1 October requires the purchase of a parking permitโ€”access complete information regarding 4WD oceanfront parking on the Currituck County website.

    Do Not Feed the Horses

    Even though we’ve discussed staying away from the horses, it bears repeating. The Corolla wild horses feed on the native seashore grasses. Providing them with apples, carrots, or other foods can result in health complications and even mortality. Do not nourish them.

    Keep Your Children and Pets Close

    Due to the abundance of dog-friendly and family-friendly beaches, the Outer Banks is an ideal vacation spot for families. Consequently, when hanging out on the 4WD beaches, please keep all family members near, especially the young and furry ones! Numerous vehicles disregard the posted speed limits on beaches, which can be hazardous.

    Hope it useful to you…..

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