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Things To Do Weekend In Vero Beach

    Vero Beach is an exceptional vacation destination halfway between Melbourne and Palm Beach on Florida’s East Coast. It is part of Florida’s Treasure Coast, has abundant outdoor attractions and citrus groves, and was once the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. So, things to do weekend in vero beach.

    I-95 or flying into Orlando or Victoria and renting a car for the 90- or 60-minute driving, respectively, is the easiest way to reach Vero Beach. Vero Beach is a lovely vacation destination throughout the year due to its pleasant climate. Multigenerational families will appreciate the laid-back atmosphere and abundant offerings. It is also my residence.

    Things To Do In Vero Beach

    1. Vero Beach Area Beaches

    a) South Beach

    Vero Beach is a hidden jewel compared to Palm Beach and Melbourne. The South Shoreline is the most desirable, approximately 10 minutes from Vero’s Beachside Shopping District. It is a beautiful location to spend the day and has convenient restrooms.

    b) Sexton Plaza Beach

    Sexton Plaza Beach, an open-air beach between two seaside eateries with free parking that makes it an easy walk, receives excellent attention, primarily due to its proximity to the city center.

    c) Jaycee Park

    A third option is Jaycee Park, which features a fantastic boardwalk with several stairs leading to the ocean. Enjoy the sun, stroll along the beach, and occasionally watch a dolphin performance. The promenade is ideal for walking and relaxing, particularly as the sun sets.

    d) Turtle Trail Beach

    Turtle Trail shoreline, a sparsely populated shoreline roughly one mile from County Road 510, is a hidden gem the locals prefer to keep to themselves. This shore is accessible between 7 a.m. and sunset.

    2. Fun On The Water

    Vero Beach is a fantastic location for outdoor recreation and enjoyment. You can enjoy fishing, yachting, scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean. Or, enjoy recreational fishing, kayaking, boating, and stand-up paddleboarding on the Indian River Lagoon (Intracoastal Waterway). The Indian River is the most ecologically rich estuary in the country, and you can even take an airboat excursion to see and learn about its ecosystems. Golf is also popular, but many courses are exclusive.

    The playground equipment at Humiston Beach Park, located in the center of the island, will be enjoyed by children. At Jaycee Park, you can find picnic shelters, barbecue grills, volleyball nets, wild rabbits, and additional playground apparatus. The shoreline area at Jaycee has a lifeguard station, unlike many others.

    3. McKee Botanical Garden

    The McKee Botanical Garden has a magnificent outdoor kitchen and the world’s most enormous single-plank mahogany table, over 40 feet long. Around the 18-acre property, the palm trees and bamboo are enchanting, and the subtropical jungle plants and gardens are full of incredible blooms and trees. In the park of McKee, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, are magnificent statues and works of art.

    Children will adore the recently opened, multimillion-dollar Children’s Garden, which features a splash and pollinator garden, a music labyrinth, and a rocking ropes bridge.

    4. Round Island Beach Park: Manatees

    Florida is renowned for its manatees, sea cows, and gentle giants. The manatee population in Vero Beach is thriving and increasing annually. You can see them nearly daily at Round Island Beach Park, which features a wheelchair-accessible path, seating areas, a World War II memorial, and a photo-worthy bridge. There are also hiking trails, and Round Island is my favorite kayaking location.

    5. Sebastian Inlet State Park: Saltwater Fishing

    Sebastian Inlet State Park offers outstanding saltwater angling. Snook, redfish, and mackerel are among the most sought-after catches. The property is attractive, and camping is also permitted there.

    6. Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge

    Pelican Island Nature Refuge, the nation’s first wildlife refuge established by President Theodore Roosevelt, is also nearby. With 5,400 acres of water and land, this estuary is the most biologically diverse in the country. It is a beautiful place for walking and exploring. This refuge is home to numerous animals, including herons, egrets, and brown and white pelicans.

    7. Vero Beach Museum of Art

    The Vero Beach Museum of Art is an ideal spot to become acquainted with five galleries of exquisite fine art by renowned artists. It is also an excellent place for children. The Wahlstrom Sculpture Garden provides this museum with additional attractions.

    8. Riverside Theatre

    One of our favorite Vero Beach attractions is the Riverside Theatre, which hosts touring Broadway productions. There are two theaters, one with a capacity of approximately 700 for significant performances and the other hosting The Comedy Zone on weekends.

    9. Shopping In Vero Beach

    The shopping options in Vero Beach vary from outlets and consignment shops to antiques and high-end boutiques.

    a) Vero Beach Outlets

    Williams Sonoma, Coach, and Restoration Hardware are three popular stores at the nearly 40-store outdoor Vero Beach Outlets.

    b) Ocean Drive

    Ocean Drive provides upscale purchasing for women’s and men’s apparel, footwear, souvenirs, home accessories, and beachwear. Cardinal Drive, located behind Ocean Drive and away from the ocean, is home to numerous prestigious art galleries.

    c) Village Shops

    Village Shops on State Road A1A is yet another shopping district to notice. Visit Elegance by the Sea, Alimentari Gourmet Market, and Coastal Comforts, all selling darling merchandise.

    d) Vero Beach Book Center

    The Vero Beach Book Center has two floors of paperback and hardcover books, greeting cards, puzzles, periodicals, and gifts. There are also scores of upscale consignment stores in the city.

    A Memorable Weekend Awaits in Vero Beach

    Vero Beach offers a vast selection of activities that appeal to various interests. This coastal town offers everything, whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, cultural exploration, or a delectable culinary experience. During your weekend getaway to Vero Beach, appreciate the natural splendor, enjoy exciting activities, and create cherished memories.

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