10 Tomboy Haircuts for Girls

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Short Fluffy Haircuts

Volume, volume, and more volume—short fluffy hairstyles are all about volume for that messy yet stylish bedhead look. Not poofy hair.

Pixie Cuts

Texturing bangs and ends makes pixie cuts feminine. A classic pixie with side-swept bangs looks great with little makeup. Add an undercut for extra flair.

Curly Pixie Cut

Tomboy curly pixie cuts are simple and beautiful for curly or wavy haired women. Pair the curly pixie haircut with an undercut and tousle the roots for added flair.

Medium Tomboy Haircuts

Rebels love side-shaved comb overs. Asymmetric comb-overs with tapering sides and root volume are softer and more refined.

Messy Pompadour Undercut

This wild pompadour undercut is lavish. It's a popular African-American hairstyle for round-faced ladies.

Korean Tomboy Haircut

A polished, low-maintenance Korean tomboy short pixie is a great professional hairdo. Koreans have silky hair.

Long Hair Tomboy Hairstyles

Nowadays, males can have long hair and women can wear boyish haircuts. Long hair tomboy hairstyles are the right mix of feminine and tomboyish.

Androgynous Tomboy Haircuts

Androgynous hairstyles challenge the idea that fashion must be gender-specific. A stylish editing buzz cut with a textured top or a side hair tattoo adds individuality.

Short Cropped Bob

Short cropped bobs with face-framing layers are timeless and versatile. Choppy layers make the bob tomboy-friendly.

Short Shag

In the 1960s, short shaggy hairstyles were popular, and guess what? They're back. It appears the trend will last this time. Razor-cut short shag haircuts add texture and fullness.

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