6 Things H-E-B Does Better Than Other Grocery Stores

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shopping experience

Texas is enormous, including H-E-aisles. B's In high-traffic areas, aisles are 8–10 feet wide.

You may browse H-E-B Select Ingredients goods at your own speed and avoid crowds during busy shopping periods.

Texas pride

H-E-B understands how Texans want it. H-E-website B's lists over 100 canned salsas and fresh tortillas at each store.

The shelves are full of Texas-shaped items. Every aisle has Texas-shaped food, from tortilla chips to cheese.

Catering to the community

H-E-"My B's Tienda" line, which includes masa (corn flour for tortillas) and manzana refresco, is particularly prominent in Latino communities (apple soda).

Cheese enchiladas and "low carb lifestyle" dinners like lemon caper salmon are among the gourmet grab-and-go items.

Store-brand products better than the famous originals

Store brands are often chosen for cheap rather than quality. H-E-B items are comparable to name brands yet cheaper.

Organic and natural foods

H-E-B Organics offers affordable premium fruit, meats, and packaged items. Pesticide-free products in the same store are popular with shoppers.

The tortillas

H-E-flour B's tortillas can't be beat. In in-store tortillerias, fresh tortillas are soft, fluffy, and poorly formed. Fans say this proves their authenticity.

Workers roll and press tortillas behind a counter. Wrapped tortilla stacks of 20 cost $5. Tortillas are heated in the bread aisle.

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