6 Workouts To Try if You Hate the Gym

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Spring and summer are perfect for yoga, fresh air, and outdoor fun.

Meditation or yoga hikes will refresh your gym regimen if you're bored. This fitness improves mental and physical wellbeing.

Move and brew

Traveling is a great way to shake up a boring routine. A workout or yoga session in a brewery or winery, after by a cold pint or drink of Pinot, is rejuvenating.

rock climbing

Rock-climbing is a thrilling method to improve your fitness. Rock climbing builds strength, flexibility, and stretching. You'll also meet like-minded folks!

Beach or sea workouts

Cruisers are getting younger, and fitness services reflect that. If you can't cruise, take your mat to the beach and workout.

hula hooping workout

Hula hoops are for everyone! Hula hoops have become popular in fitness for good reason. Hula hooping is a unique approach to receive cardiac benefits.

For 30 minutes, hula hoopers burned seven calories every minute. Power yoga and advanced Pilates burn less calories than aerobic kickboxing and boot camp.

Try electro-muscle stimulation

Let's face it: The gym's crowds or time commitment may be why you're ready to break up. To spice up your workout and save time.

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