Best Warm-Up To Boost Energy Before Morning Workout

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Standing Sun Salutations

These standing exercises relieve back and side strain. Standing sun salutations greet your day. After a good night's sleep, move your spinal fluid and breathe.

Reach your palms over your head. Keep your left arm above you while lowering your right arm. Bring both arms back up, then drop your left arm while keeping your right up.

Downward-Facing Dog Plank X Taps

For this downward-facing dog, go on all fours. Toes tucked and shoulders above wrists. Lift your pelvis and straighten your legs.

Maintain your motions steady as you lift your hips forward and touch your left shin with your right hand before resting your palm back on the ground. Use your left hand and right shin.

Wide Runner's Lunge Twists

This stretch opens hip flexors and warms quadriceps and hamstrings. Wide runner's lunge twists also work your upper back and shoulders.

Start again in downward-facing dog. Right heel lift now. When you raise your right foot till it's broader than your right palm, lift your chest and spread your shoulders.

Basic Squats

Basic squats continue your energy-boosting warm-up. This exercise works connective tissue and ligaments to improve mobility.

Keep your back straight and your weight on your heels. Move with your core. Squat for four seconds and do 20–30 repetitions.

Jumping Jacks

This full-body exercise will raise your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Standing with your feet parallel, begin jumping jacks. Keep Arms down.

Hop with your legs shoulder-width apart and arms in a V-shape. A side-to-side toe tap is a low-impact alternative.

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