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What State Has The Best Mexican Food?

    Determining which Mexican restaurants in the United States are the finest is a challenge. The United States is a vast land that encompasses a variety of cultures and landscapes; many nationalities have left their imprint on the restaurant scene here, but none more so than the Mexicans. So, what state has the best mexican food?

    We have compiled a list of the ten best Mexican eateries in the United States. Choosing a Mexican restaurant that is manageable yet still somewhat upscale and, most significantly, delicious could take considerable time. One will surely be near you as they are dispersed across this vast nation. Okay, not in your neighborhood, but in your region of the country!

    What state has the best Mexican food?

    Here are many states has the best mexican food:

    10. Barrio Café, Phoenix, Arizona

    Barrio Café, which opened in 2002, offers a broader variety of Mexican dishes than the standard Taco and Burrito. Chef Silvana Salcido takes pride in bringing the finest of Mexico and more to her restaurant. Barrio is a great place to experience enchiladas from Mexico City or a cheese fondue from Oaxaca, as it serves cuisine from all of Mexico’s regions. Or, if you’re in the mood for something heartier, try the cochineal from the Yucatan.

    9. Avila’s Mexican Food, El Paso, Texas

    El Paso’s Avila serves authentic, home-cooked Mexican cuisine. This family-owned restaurant has been doing a fusion of American and Mexican cuisine for the past 65 years. In addition to the traditional burritos and tacos, this restaurant serves Mexican-inspired sandwiches. Try to win a challenge with Avila’s Super Combination, which is a sight to witness if you feel up to it.

    8. Tortilleria Nixtamal, Queens, New York

    Tortilleria Nixtamal is situated further north in Queens, New York. In a city where cuisine from all over the world is abundant, you have to be exceptional to stand out, which is what Nixtamal offers.

    The restaurant takes pride in its no-frills experience; simple food, simple food, and simple garnishes sourced exclusively from Mexico. Furthermore, the famous tortillas are freshly prepared in-house using Nixtamal!

    7. Broken Spanish, Los Angeles, California

    Chef Ray Garcia’s Los Angeles restaurant, Broken Spanish, features a menu that changes seasons and uses only the finest Mexican ingredients. Don’t be deceived by the restaurant’s modern backdrop and decor; the food served is nothing short of artisanal perfection. Specialties include squid with mixed rice, chorizo, ravigote, and fava leaves, and the famous, year-round Pollo Prensado.

    6. Cala, San Francisco, California

    Like New York, San Francisco has restaurants serving the latest international cuisine. Gabriela Camara owns the restaurant and Taqueria Cala, which helps the finest Mexican cuisine all day. This establishment distinguishes itself by specializing in tacos during the day and transitioning into a Mexican restaurant at night. And with so many options on the menu, there is undoubtedly one that will suit you. If you have a craving for Mexican food all day, treat yourself to a tortilla during the day and stick around for more refined Mexican cuisine in the evening.

    5. Elote Café, Sedona, Arizona

    If you wish to secure a table at Elote Café, you must act swiftly, as the restaurant fills up very early in the evening. Why? Why? Because of the world-class Mexican cuisine overlooking Sedona’s famous Red Rocks. Elote is one of the finest restaurants in the United States for Mexican cuisine, offering a magnificent meal with a view that perfectly complements the meal. Chef Jeff Smedstad’s more than two decades of travel throughout Mexico have influenced the menu so that you can expect some of the most authentic Mexican cuisine in the country.

    4. Oyamel, Washington, D.C.

    Oyamel, led by the Spanish chef Jose Andres, celebrates traditional Mexican cuisine. Andres is renowned for his enthusiasm to learn about various cultures and their cuisines. After spending some time in Central America, he established Oyamel in Washington, D.C.

    Start with tortilla chips and salsa before moving on to “street food” tapas and tortillas prepared from scratch. If you are in the mood for a Spanish-Mexican fusion, don’t worry, they have you covered!

    3. Nuestra Cocina, Portland, Oregon

    Nuestra Cocina, also known as Our Kitchen, is possibly unique in the United States, as it is run by a husband-and-wife duo, Benjamin and Shannon Gonzalez. This restaurant specializes in ‘peasant’ cuisine and is in an unassuming community in the extreme south of Portland, Oregon. Nuestra Cocina’s cuisine ranges from Zacatecas in the far north to Vera Cruz on the east coast; despite its less-than-ideal location, it is well worth visiting.

    2. Hugo’s, Houston, Texas

    Hugo Ortega, a chef born and raised in Mexico who owns and operates a Houston restaurant, has been around the block regarding dining establishments. Hugo was established with his wife in 2002, and they have never returned. Locals love it, and it’s easy to see why: the chef was a finalist in 2013 for best chef in the Southwest! The lamb barbacoa is a must-try in the store, known for its originality and creativity. Due to Ortega’s extensive expertise as a restaurateur in Texas City, you can rest assured that you will receive some of the finest food and service in Houston.

    1. Distrito, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    In Philadelphia, Distrito is the place to go if you’re looking for authentic Mexican cuisine. Distrito and Chef Jose Garces are exceptions to the rule of a few restaurants serving food prepared by a chef who became famous through a television program. This lively Philadelphia restaurant serves some of the finest Mexican food on the East Coast, specializing in cuisine from Mexico City; nachos, huaraches, enchiladas, tamales, ceviches, and moles.

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